Interest has been expressed in one of the two vacant school facilities that the Warren County School District put up for sale earlier this month.

WCSD Director of Buildings and Grounds Services Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht said on Monday that the South Street Early Learning Center and Sheffield Elementary School have been advertised for the first time and that posters have been posted around the neighborhood as required by law to serve notice of the sale.

Notices for the sale of the building could be found posted on both of the doors at the South Street facility on Wednesday afternoon.

The notice for sale has to run once a week for three weeks in a newspaper, as well, in advance of the Jan. 17 bid date.

Kennerknecht said that the district has “only received interest in South Street so far.”

He also said that a timeline of both construction projects and school closings has been created. It can be found at esb.wcsdpa.org.

Referencing a comment he received from the a community member regarding Russell and Allegheny Valley elementary schools, which are slated to be closed after this academic year as K-12 projects are completed at Eisenhower and Sheffield, respectively, school board member Jack Werner asked “if there was any consideration to marketability of one over the other before we decide which one we would move (central office) into.”

“Maybe we would have more luck marketing Russell,” he added.

Kennerknecht said that the district wishes to maintain state reimbursement from Russell’s original construction. To do so, at least 50 percent of the building must remain for use by students.

He added that he has a meeting with Superintendent Dr. William Clark and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to “discuss that very topic.”