Warren Christmas Parade

Ode to a Warren Tradition

By a proud senior citizen

We rode on our bus, oh what fun!

Another Warren tradition had begun.

With sparkly floats and fire trucks in their places,

And big smiles on all the little faces.

We wave until both of our arms ache,

All for the Warren tradition’s sake.

The crowd lined up nine deep in a row,

Just to watch the Christmas parade go.

We were told there wouldn’t be

A Christmas Parade this year,

But tradition is one thing

We Warrenites hold dear

So next year will be bigger and better,

as we ride in our bus,

No matter the weather.

Nothing can stop our Christmas parade,

With all the “Hoop A La” that it made.

“See you next year!” was our battle cry

For a great Warren tradition

That will never die.

By Mary Lou Watt, member of the Allegheny Community Center

Hooktown Holidays

Dear editor:

We would like to take a moment during this Christmas season to thank a local neighborhood charity group, Hooktown Holidays. This group of neighbors started saving money as a group back in February in order to fulfill their mission: To provide nutritious food, warm clothing and/or necessities of life to deserving individuals or families during the holiday season and winter months of the year.

The Warren/Forest Area Agency on Aging was one of the organizations chosen by the group to receive some of their donations to put toward helping individuals in need. Our care managers were able to identify several senior citizens who could use the kind and thoughtful help this holiday season. The ability to provide them with food boxes and assistance with heating bills warmed the hearts of our clients, as well as, our own. Our care managers were met with stunned faces, tears and gratitude when delivering the gifts. We wanted to be sure that those special folks from Hooktown Holidays knew the impact their kindness had on a few of their elderly neighbors and that a truly meaningful thank you was being sent their way.


The Staff at Area Agency on Aging