Our opinion:?A community asset

In 1949, a group of five men – Clare J. Crary, Holger N. Elmquist, James H. Frantz, Raymond W. Steber and Glenn E. Stone -hatched an idea to benefit the community in which they lived and prospered.

It was the modest seed of what we know today as the Community Foundation of Warren County.

The formal adoption of a Resolution and Declaration of Trust by the Boards of Directors of the Warren National Bank and the Warren Bank and Trust Company of Warren, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 13, 1949 and Dec. 14, 1949, respectively, created the Warren Foundation, subsequently renamed The Community Foundation of Warren County to better reflect its scope.

Initially the Foundation was aimed at Warren, but over the years came to benefit all of Warren County as a sort of clearing house for philanthropic expressions, hence the change in title.

Over the decades between then and now, the Foundation has accumulated millions of dollars in trust and distributed millions of dollars in grants to virtually every corner of the county. Its awards have allowed Warren County students to advance their education in colleges, universities and trade schools across the country, many of them returning here to build their careers and raise families.

In just the last 5 years, the Community Foundation of Warren County has made distributions totaling more than $10 million to local non-profit organizations and to scholarships for students attending colleges or trade schools. The organizations range from the Arts, to Communities, Schools, Youth/Families, Churches, and Health Care. More than $5 million has been for scholarships that benefit several hundred students annually, with most of the scholarships continuing over a 4- or 5-year college career.

Through its careful investments, the Foundation has enhanced its ability to continue its mission to provide support for education and other needs for the citizens of Warren County.

If you take a careful look around Warren County and ask some questions, there is hardly any piece of this community that hasn’t been touched in a positive way by this Foundation, cause one to reflect, “Where would we be without it and the people who have shepherded it over the years?”