Repairs at schools could top $12 million

If the maintenance department of the Warren County School District could have everything that it wanted, the total tab would be more than $12 million.

While no one expects all of the projects on the list, provided to the school board’s Physical Plant and Facilities Committee during its meeting Monday night, to be accomplished at once, it does provide insight into projects that “have been on our radar for some time,” according to Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, director of buildings and grounds.

Kennerknecht said the list is a compilation of his observations, the maintenance staff observations as well as the feedback from the building administrators “for what they see in their building.” The list serves as the basis for the maintenance budget process and must also be prioritized based on need.

The “needs have not gone away,” said Kennerknecht.

Some of the higher ticket items on the list include $960,000 for a new roof at Youngsville Elementary/Middle School, a combined $780,000 for window replacements at Sheffield Area Middle Senior and Youngsville high schools as well as $750,000 in infrastructure improvements at the Warren County Career Center.

Regarding building roofs, Kennerknecht said that the warranty has expired on the roofs at Beaty-Warren Middle School, Eisenhower and Youngsville Elementary Middle School. He pointed out that does not necessarily mean that anything is wrong with any of those roofs but that the district will, in the near future, “get some more detailed information in the form of core samples to see how they are holding up.”

The entire capital project funding list can be found at

The sheet includes several million dollars in renovations at Warren Area High School and Board President Arthur Steward asked whether these could be “characterized as maintenance items” or whether they would be addressed during the upcoming renovation.

Kennerknecht said that the entity, DeJong, that comprised the district’s master facilities plan, derived an estimate to renovate each facility. “This would be in lieu of that,” he said. “These would all be included within the scope of the renovations of Warren Area High School.”

The MFP estimated the cost of renovations at WAHS at $14.63 million.