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Dear editor:

My daughter taught me a saying that if everyone had common courtesy, it wouldn’t be so common. Think about it.

My husband and I work and live here in Warren and have for many years. We work hard for what we have and save for something nice, like our vehicles. We buy them so they will last us many years. We just don’t have the money to go out and purchase a new vehicle every couple of years.

So when someone does something to your truck or SUV and doesn’t leave a note. Shame on you.

I work downtown Warren and will park along Water Street and I came out of work one day within the past couple of months and noticed someone had scrape the driver side of my SUV (both driver side doors).

My husband comes home from work today from Betts and noticed that someone scraped the passenger side of his truck. He was so upset. Let me tell you, it is heart breaking when you work so hard to have something nice just to have someone damage it and not tell you or leave you a note.

Come on Warren, what happened to being polite and having the common courtesy of telling someone you screwed up?

Tracy Arnold,