Youngsville Area News in Brief

The Friends of the

BVSP Baskets Raffle

The Friends of the Brokenstraw Valley Swimming Pool is holding a 13-basket raffle with the drawing taking place at 7:45 p.m. on Dec. 13 at the Christmas Walk. The baskets are on display at the Youngsville Pharmacy and Love Inc. Tickets may be purchased at the walk or ahead of time at the Pharmacy, Heaven Scent, Weidner’s Deli and at the Youngsville Borough Office for the cost of 1 for $1 or a sheet of 10 for $5.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for capital improvements at the pool.

The baskets are:

1 – a chocoholic’s dream – everything chocolate plus a handpainted oil print

2 – coffee, tea, and cocoa plus a Keurig coffemaker

3 – country charm – includes a cookbook & a gift certificate plus more

4 – relax with a bath & body works gift certificate, candles and more…

5 – everything you need for the holidays such as cookie mix, towels, many Christmas items

6 – “Heartwarming Gifts” – books and many items that warm the heart

7 – for the men & the boys – a Husqvarna basket that includes a kid’s chain saw

8 – “All about the kids” – puzzle, Hot Wheels, games & more

9 – for the junk food junkie in all of us – you name it, it’s in there

10 – A stained glass kaleidoscope

11 – a lottery ticket tree

12 – “Souper” supper – everything you’ll need for these cold Youngsville nights

13 – Tea & comfort basket – perfect for anyone

Student Council gives

gifts to Head Start

Story provide by Andy Lalwani

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the Youngsville High School Student Council visited the Head Start classroom to deliver supplies and other toys for the holiday season.

Shelly Teska, teacher of the preschool classroom, approached Jolene Olewine, student council advisor, about the need of supplies and other necessary items for the class during the 2013-2014 school year. Due to the vandalism over the summer at the high school, the children’s classroom suffered damages and losses, losing art supplies, toys, and other necessary materials that these children use. Eager to help, Olewine and the student council team wrote a list of items that were needed for the young students.

After given a list of items, the students of the club gathered the supplies together to give to the classroom. Not long after all the items were collected, each student carried the items that they bought for the children to Mrs. Teska’s Head Start class.

Upon the student council’s arrival, the little ones were excited to see so many arts and crafts supplies for them to use. Toys like hula-hoops, race cars, and even sidewalk chalk were given to replace the old toys that were lost over the summer. Other supplies such as glue, paper plates, glitter, Play-doh, stickers, and Band-Aids, too, were brought as other materials for the children.

YHS student Piper Olsen said, “It was a joy to see the look on the kids’ faces when we brought all of the toys to them.” Another member, Julie Jameson, said, “It is really great to be able to help the classroom especially in their time of need. This was such a great thing to do.”

Even one of the children said, “Thanks for getting my favorite color of Play-doh pink!”

The student council also promotes other activities in the high school including blood drives, dances and parades. The main goals of the club are to make the voices of the students’ heard and to create a well-balanced student atmosphere.

Open House

at the Rouse Home

A Christmas Open House at the Rouse Home at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 17. The celebration includes the “Festival of Trees.” Come and vote for your favorite tree! Refreshments and goodies on each household! At 7:30 p.m., the Youth Connection will be performing in the 400 dining room.

Food Pantry Donation

Youngsville Chapter 478 Order of Eastern Star has donated 37 jars of peanut butter and 24 jars of jelly to the Youngsville Food Pantry. All O.E.S Chapters in Pennsylvania are collecting peanut butter and jelly and donating to local food pantries.

YHS Class of ’64

YHS Class of ’64 will meet Tuesday, Dec.17 at 12:30 p.m. at Shonna’s Rustic Restaurant on Route 6 between Pittsfield and Corry, for its monthly class lunch. This is a week earlier than usual because the regularly schedule fourth Tuesday of the month lunch would be Christmas Eve.

Contact Fred Peters, 563-9493, for more information.

Salvation Army Ringers

Bell ringers will be located at Tops markets and the Dollar General during the holiday season.

All funds collected in the Youngsville will provide assistance to those in the Brokenstraw area.

Merit Honor and

Honor Roll at YHS

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, students were assembled for breakfast celebration. The students were awarded for their academic achievements. Merit Honor Roll students maintain a 92 percent GPA and above and Honor Roll students maintain an 84 percent to 91 percent GPA average.

Students that received certificates on the Student Merit Honor Roll were: Sarah Camp; Ethan Dyer; Leigh Fehlman; Levi Hendrickson; Amber Houben; Alison Ishman, Brady Kesterholt; Nathan Lehman; Jessica Made; Nicole Martin; Leah Mae McCluskey; Corry McCoy; Dalton Bower; Robert Bower; Benjamin Holcomb; Alex Johnson; Christopher Johnson; Morgan Josephson; Hannah Morris, Ashley Morris; Mallory Eastman; Trevor Flinn; Julie Jameson; Branden Lake; Jacob Linkerhof; Piper Olsen; Andrew Tyers; Samantha Anthony; Jordan Brose; Chester Ciukaj; Kailey Giese; Katie Gustafson; Katie Jameson; Andrew Lalwani; Angela Renninger; MacKenzie Rugar and Samantha Tome.

Honor Roll: Kyler Bosko; Lydia Clark; James Cowan; Madison Fehlman; Aspen Flinn; Joseph Frazier; Madison Marino; Aimee Wenninger; Wyatt Scott; Austin Spear; Jacob Stover; Nattier Carr; William Dunenhoeffer; Elyssa Horn; Tanner Humphrey; Sarah Marino; Savannah Maze; Gabrielle Stanton; Cameron Westover; Samantha Wilkinson; Collin Alekson; Kyle Bedow; Rebecca Brady; Levi Ecelberger; Mckenzie Harrington; Austin Hillyard; Kassie Hollabaugh; Christine Meskell; Dakota Morse; Kennedy Walters; Danielle West; Nathan Bunker; Hannah Camp; Kaytlynn Chuzie; Jorie Clark; Karlie Harkins; Thomas Henry; Tyler Lehman; Collin Lehnen; Judith Lewis; Jeremy Lyon; Jacob Marino; Stone Sivak Stone; Julia Sveda and Jeffrey Yost.

Most Recent

Library Angels

The Library Board and Friends of the Youngsville Library thank all of the most recent Library Angels. The following “Angels” either donated money toward the cost of a specific item that was listed on our Library Tree or donated the item outright to the library. “We truly appreciate the generosity of all of Library Angels each year,” said Library Director Kristy Wallace. “This specific fundraiser was created to counter all the budget cuts that greatly affected our ability to cover general operating needs such as light bulbs, office supplies, and our newspaper subscriptions just to name a few things. With this fundraiser patrons can actually choose a specific item or items that their donation will go toward by choosing an ornament from the tree. Many people actually make a donation to honor a family member or in memoriam. We couldn’t survive without the help of all of our ‘Angels’.”

The Library Angel Fundraiser is now through Monday, Dec. 23. To become a Library Angel just stop by the Youngsville Library during business hours or you can mail a general Library Angel donation to: Youngsville Public library c/o Library Angel Program, 100 Broad St., Youngsville, PA 16371. Be sure to include the name you would like to be placed on the Angel (and if it is in memoriam or in honor of an individual). Business hours are Monday and Tuesday, noon to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, noon to 4 p.m.

Most recent Library Angels: General Donation: In Memory Of Mary McGarry Gettings, made by Mary Sullivan; In Memory Of Carl & Sonna Johnson, made by Carl Johnson; In Honor Of Hedge Wolbert, made by Ken Herron; In Honor Of Hedge Wolbert, made by Keith Herron; In Honor Of Adam and Cade McChesney, made by Pat and Dick McChesney; Ellie and Jim Dunn; Connie Lucia; Office Supplies: In Honor Of Jake and Emily McChesney, made by Pat and Dick McChesney; Jan and Charlie Thompson; Bill and Marilyn Johnson; One month Gas Bill: In Memory Of Mary Benedict, made by Bill and Pam Hummel; Fax Paper: Ellie and Jim Dunn; DVDs: Ted Sudul; Magazine donation: Bill and Marilyn Johnson; Stamps: Bill and Marilyn Johnson; Over 30 Books (from our wish list): all 30 donated by Jo and Herb Trask (a) In Honor Of Pete and Wilma Trask, (b) In Memory of Susan Trask Jones, and (c) In Memory of Samuella (Sam) and Elmer (Friday) Trask.

Special Library Hours

this Friday

In addition to regular Friday business hours (noon to 4 p.m.), the Youngsville Library’s circulation desk will also be operational during the Stories and Santa event/Hometown Christmas on Dec. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. Patrons may check out and return materials, access the public internet computers, and utilize any of the regular services offered during these special hours.