Our opinion: No excuses

The I-didn’t-see-it defense just doesn’t work.

That huge, hulking yellow mass with the flashing red lights and a stop sign protruding from its left side, is about as difficult to overlook as an elephant in your bathroom.

Then there is the “I thought all of the kids were on (off) and the bus driver forgot to turn off the flashers.”


Or, the “I’m sorry I was daydreaming” plead.

Sorry, but ultimately no matter what you say after you pass a school bus that is stopped and actively signaling that it is taking on or dropping off students, there is no excuse and no mitigation for your punishment if you are caught.

There are lives at stake here, and your rush to an appointment doesn’t trump the need for you to be prepared to stop anytime you see a school bus.

Lately, local police have reported a number of incidents of motorists violating a piece of the motor vehicle code we consider right up there with driving under the influence.

There is no excuse. There is no defense.