Loan scam reported by Warren Co. Sheriff

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a loan scam alert.

Callers have been identifying themselves as a debt recovery company called “Legal Recovery Services” and telling residents that an online loan has been taken out in their name.

The callers from the alleged company tell residents they are calling to collect the debt and if payment is not received a warrant for their arrest will be issued by the sheriff, they will be arrested and bail will be set at $5,000.

That’s a big red flag because non-payment of loans is a civil action, not a criminal action.

“Sheriffs and deputies do not arrest for non-payment of loans from lending companies,” Warren County Sheriff Kenneth Klakamp said on Tuesday.

Warren County residents that receive these scam calls should contact the sheriff’s office at 723-7553 before taking any action.

“Even if you receive a telephone call that you feel is questionable, don’t hesitate to call,” Klakamp said.

The scammers are believed to be calling about the alleged loan recovery service from outside the United States.

Calls have been reported throughout the state including Mercer and Lancaster counties.

The callers have been using high-pressure tactics, Klakamp said, and want residents to make a decision on the spot.