The Brazil way

Dear editor:

I read with awe a deal Brazil signed with an oil cosortium to extract oil from an offshore field.

These five companies won the right to drill and all thay had to do was give a (75 percent) stake of the oil extracted to Brazil to be distibuted to federal,state and municipal governments.

This money is to be used for social programs, to help fund health and education projects. Kudos to Brazil for looking out for their citizens.

Now, imagine if Brazil was governed by our Governor and his cronies. First he would have given the drilling rights for next to nothing because they would not come and drill with say an extraction tax, and Kathy would agree with him. All would get re-election donations, by far the most to Tom and some would even get free trips to see the world cup soccer finals.

They would say later they planned to pay it back. Not to be outdone Tom would tax the fine people of Brazil a brazilion dollars in gasoline tax, (probably from their own oil) and charge other yearly fees to pay for the social programs, health and education.

Kathy would at this pont say that is wrong. Now I might be totally wrong but I see kudos being given to Corbett’s administration for making the hard decision to raise the gas tax by a top PennDOT official to help all the people of our state.

What I see is people we elected sticking it to the people that elected them and not doing what Brazil did for their people when they should have.

Jack W. Landers