Class rank policy approved by board is final…maybe

Upon second reading, the Warren County School District’s board of directors has approved a class rank system for the district.

After months of wrestling with the details, the board approved a rank system that will take effect for the class of 2017, this year’s freshman class, and beyond.

The approved policy includes requirements that students be enrolled full-time during both their junior and senior years, a break from previous policy requiring full-time enrollment only during a student’s senior year.

A full-time student, according to the policy, is a “…student who earns a minimum of six credits during his/her senior year.”

The policy notes that a student who was full-time during his or her junior year, but fulfilled graduation requirements by earning fewer than six credits his or her senior year, will still be eligible for scholastic recognition.

Physical education will now be included in calculations for class ranking purposes.

Honors, AP and dual enrollment classes will be weighted when calculating class rank.

While there was some contention about how this weight would be added to the final grade either as a graduated weight dependent on final grade or as a flat weight applied equally regardless of final grade, so long as it was passing the final approved policy stayed with the district’s current flat rate system.

Students taking a semester of honors or dual enrollment will have a five-point value added to their final grade for the subject, while students taking a full year of AP or dual enrollment will have a ten-point value added to their final grade for the subject.

The policy passed on a seven-to-one vote, with board member Michael Zamborik voting against it and board member Mary Ann Paris absent from the meeting.

District Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Gary Weber provided a letter to the board outlining the results of discussions with students at all district high schools on the matter.

“I want to thank Mr. Weber,” Superintendent William Clark said. “He took a lot of time and effort, met with a lot of students… I think he went above and beyond… I’m sure this won’t be the be all and end all of this issue, but it’s certainly a step forward.”

The policy does not deal with the issue of student transfers to obtain higher class rank, as that was dealt with in a separate policy regarding student transfers.