For Sale:?Two Schools

Sheffield and South Street are going up for sale.

During its meeting last Thursday night, the Warren County School District board of directors voted in favor of moving forward with divestment of Sheffield Elementary School and the South Street Early Learning Center.

Under two separate motions, both approved unanimously, the board declared the schools “unnecessary and unused property” and authorized their sale through a sealed bid process.

The motions included approval of a bid package containing terms and conditions of the bid process and eventual sale.

The bid package for South Street allows for bidding on a number of different combinations of the parcels making up the property. The South Street property is made up of four parcels, encompassing the length of N. South Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to Madison Avenue.

Bidders may bid on all four parcels, the parcel containing the school and the immediately adjoining parcel, the parcel containing the school and the two immediately adjoining parcels or on the two adjoining parcels closest to the corner of Madison Avenue and N. South Street.

The successful bids will presented to the board for approval after the bid process.

At the conclusion of the various construction projects underway across the district, district properties no longer housing students will include Sheffield, Allegheny Valley, Sugar Grove, Russell and Pleasant elementary schools, South Street Early Learning Center and the Anderson building.

Russell is slated to be used as the district’s central office with space for student use. The district currently rents space for its central office on the Warren State Hospital grounds. The Anderson building will house the district maintenance department. Pleasant Elementary is expected to remain a district warehouse.

Sugar Grove and Allegheny Valley are both currently housing elementary students through the end of construction in 2014. The board will not be able to take action on either property until after that time. Sugar Grove may face sale, while Allegheny Valley, which houses the district’s computer servers, may be retained allowing the district to lease space or it may be sold.

The board also approved a lease agreement for additional space for the Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) at the Stone Building on the state Hospital grounds.

The additional space encompasses 336 square feet and will be used to house a music lab. With the additional space, the LEC will encompass a total of approximately 6,986 square feet.

The additional space will cost an estimated additional $74 per month, dependent on the cost of utilities. The additional cost is slated to be covered under existing budgeted funds.

The board approved a fee schedule for rental of district facilities and accompanying equipment usage. Applications to utilize district facilities should be initiated through building principals. A listing of the fee schedule is available through the district upon request.

The board also approved repository sale bids for properties in Mead, Conewango, Sheffield, Freehold and Limestone townships and for a property in Youngsville Borough. The district must approve such bids in its capacity as a taxing body.