Four held for trial in Central Court


Four defendants were held for court, two were bound in absentia and one had charges withdrawn during Warren County Central Court proceedings before District Justice Cynthia Lindemuth.

Defendants held for court included:

Rob Alan McFetridge, Pleasantville, on charges of firearms not to be carried without a license, DUI: General impairment – incapable of safe driving, DUI: Highest rate of alcohol (BAC .16+), disregard traffic lane, driving at safe speed and careless driving.

Robert Alvin Parsons, 201 N. Carver St., on charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse – forcible compulsion, aggravated indecent assault without consent and indecent assault without consent.

Kristan Kay Seyfang, 323 1/2 Prospect St., on charges of criminal attempt – aggravated assault, criminal attempt – simple assault and criminal attempt – recklessly endangering another person.

Joshawa Michael Rogers, 112 Beaty St., on charges of robbery – take property from other by force and harassment – subject other to physical contact.

Defendants held in their absence included:

Jeromy Michael Kemery, 21 Leslie Blvd., on a charge of retail theft.

Jennifer Marie McIntyre, Salamanca, N.Y., on a charge of retail theft.

Timothy R. Hause, 109 Connecticut Ave., had charges of bad checks and theft by deception – false impression withdrawn.