‘Christmas Memories’ will be made tonight after the Christmas Walk

This Friday, Dec. 6, immediately following the Christmas Walk through downtown Warren, the members of the performing arts classes of the Library Theatre will present their holiday show called “Christmas Memories,” a wonderful evening full of song and dance and many of the children’s favorite Christmas Memories.

The Allegheny Regional Theatre Experience (ARTE), directed by Jennifer Koebley, has more than 80 students this season. These performing arts classes are available for children in grades two through 12. Registration for the spring semester will begin in January.

Members of Youth Connection, grades nine through 12, are: Rachel Cecco, Alex, Dolinger, Sarah Roney, Morgan Lemmon, Abigail Koebley, Sarah Meyers, Taige Honhart, Mariah Allen, Ian Laih, Tyler Haslett, Quincy Nolan, Lilya Renner, Haley Tuller, Brionna Childs, Emmi Beuger, Andrew Lalwani, Rebecca Wilson, Sydney Ewing, Mayan Cook, Harlee Johnson, Randy Johnson, Robin Thomas, Megan Moore, Sarah Marino, Taylor John, Luke Wortman, Bailey Dilks, and Eric Zavinski

ARTE members, grades five through eight, are: Cade Johnson, Vanessa McNeal, Madison Hollenbeck, Nick Zock, Hanna Hoffman, Alyssa Brook, Elyse Hedges, Emily Koebley, Lindsey Dippold, Adam McChesney, Katie McCracken, Colin Ely, Emma Colosimo, Abby Waterman, Caitlin Stassburg, Rowdy Finch, Naomi Hahn, Megan Peterson, Mallorie Baumgrotz, Jeanah Carlson, Connor Rosborough, Alexandra Brown, Alexis Colvin, Marcus Bonavita, Rylee Napolitan, Gabrielle Hahn,Caroline Smelko, Allison Koebley, and Madeline Fadale

ARTE Jr. members, grade two through four, include Abby Gens, Alessandra Tundel, Ben Hoffman, Logan Johnson, Naomi Scott, Eliza Brook, Jaxon Knapp, Bailey Roudybush, Joseph Miller, Graham Carr, Natalie Holland, Natasha Ferry, Brooke Peterson, Bailey Homberg, Sean Holmberg, Lauren Walker, Christopher Joblon, Jason Bonavita, Abbey Frederick, Mackenzie Greene, Mark Lynds, Sara Sokolski, William Sokolski, and Cassandra Smelko.