Dear editor:

I am writing to correct several inaccurate statements presented by Dave Wiggers in this column on December 4, 2013.

Mr. Wiggers presented his version of the facts surrounding the relationship between WCCBI, himself and the United States Canoe Association (USCA).

I do not deny that Mr. Wiggers did provide the information he refers to in his letter and I also agree that we(I) did not use that information as he had desired. The reasons for this were simple…..the lists he provided were outdated and our agreement with the USCA provided us with current membership contact information for their membership from across the U.S.. The organizational manual which Mr. Wiggers provided was also outdated and was also ignored due to our obligation to follow the current manual as provided by the USCA. As for the maps which he provided on the day of the race, we had developed course maps which were provided to participants during registration prior to the event start, thus these additional maps were not needed.

The most egregious misstatement presented in Mr. Wiggers letter is the assertion that the County provided $35,000 to the first years’ race. A review of our financial records indicates that a sponsorship payment in the amount of $350.00 (three hundred fifty dollars) was received from the County for this event. It was confirmed by the County that in 2003 a total of $4,500 was paid out to various organizations in support of events and special projects throughout the County, the USCA event being included in that group.

The WCCBI administered the USCA National Championships in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2012. No other community in the United States has served as host site more than 3 times. I believe this record speaks for itself in terms of our overall administration of this event. We hold the USCA event as one that is worthy of pursuing for return to Warren in the future. We continue to maintain contact with the leadership of USCA so as to time our bid for their return appropriately based upon the desires of their membership in terms of the venues they are interested in competing in. We will be attending the 2014 event in Jersey Shore, PA to assess whether 2016 might be a viable time for them to consider a return to Warren.

Jim Decker, President/CEO