Our opinion: Rediscover downtown

There are occasions in most communities, at least once or twice a year, when events draw people together.

Mostly they are festivals, sometimes parades.

They are occasions that give people the opportunity to rediscover their communities, rediscover memories of their communities from some previous and important times in their lives.

Tonight, the people of Warren will have a chance to rediscover their city, rediscover a time in downtown Warren, when the sidewalks were full, the storefronts glowing, and a general bustle as the town flung itself into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

For decades, a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue and into the heart of the downtown has been part of that experience. Tonight will be no different.

And those of us at the Times Observer and the Warren County Chamber of Commerce who have been planning and recruiting for the parade and other downtown activities as part of the Christmas Walk hope the experience will be a bit nostalgic for some, a bit magical for others.

In the mix we have attempted to provide an opportunity for some things that are pleasantly old-fashioned, like strolling carolers, some things that are traditional, like living window displays and a certain old elf. There are, of course, dozens of groups and individuals participating in the parade and the entertainment, and we’d like to thank them all for their enthusiasm and their support.

While the Times Observer has picked up the tab to the city for expenses, we’d also like to thank those who donated financially to the effort and tell them that every penny of their donations will be split among: The Warren Area High School Marching Band, the Warren County Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

The weather outside shouldn’t be that frightful, and the fun will be delightful, so if you’d like a place to go, come enjoy the show.