Warren football dropping to Class AA among possible PIAA changes

The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) announced its classification ranges last week for the upcoming two-year high school sports cycle, and the updated figures could make for a few notable changes for Warren County high schools.

After coming in just over the cut in the last two-year cycle, Warren Area High School football will drop to Class AA in 2014-2015. Warren’s male enrollment is 292, falling in the 175-299 Class AA range set for football. The Dragons were the smallest school in Class AAA the past two years and will be the second largest school in Class AA behind Grove City’s raw enrollment figure of 295. All classifications for the 2014-2015 cycle will become official by early January. The early figures don’t reflect co-op agreements with other schools, nor do they indicate if a team decides to play up a class. Schools have until Dec. 10 to decide that, but Warren will drop to Class AA.

A co-op program the Dragons formerly had with Warren County Christian School has been transferred to Youngsville, and won’t affect the Eagles’ Class A status.

Warren’s classification in all other sports will remain the same.

On the hardwood, the Eisenhower boys and Youngsville girls will make the jump to Class AA after competing in Class A in the most recent cycle. Eisenhower advanced to the Class A state playoffs last year despite competing in a region with a number of Class AA schools.

Both boys and girls basketball has a Class A range of 125 students and lower in the upcoming cycle. Eisenhower’s male enrollment is 133, and Youngsville’s female enrollment is 127. While those schools will be among the smallest at Class AA, the Eisenhower girls and Youngsville boys programs will be the second largest out of eight girls and 10 boys teams in Class A, respectively.

Sheffield’s enrollment will keep them in the lowest classification for each sport.

Other schools impacted by the new figures include Slippery Rock and Franklin, who competed along with Warren in Region 5 football and will also make the drop from Class AAA to Class AA. Erie First Christian Academy – with a male enrollment of 35 – will leave the New Penn Christian Conference and play a District 10 schedule in boys basketball. Class AAA softball powerhouse Fort LeBoeuf will drop down to Class AA, and out of Warren’s softball classification, in the 2015 season.

Enrollment figures consist of male and female students in grades 9-11. While the PIAA decides the range for classification, it is up to the individual districts to configure leagues for the two-year cycle.

Here are the ranges for each sport (piaa.org), as well as enrollment numbers for local schools in the newest PIAA two-year cycle:

Warren: 292 boys, 272 girls

Eisenhower: 133 boys, 116 girls

Youngsville: 119 boys, 127 girls

Sheffield: 66 boys, 64 girls

PIAA classification ranges

Baseball: Class A 146 and below, Class AA 147-257, Class AAA 258-450, Class AAAA 451 and above

Boys basketball: Class A 125 and below, Class AA 126-234, Class AAA 235-411, Class AAAA 412 and above

Girls basketball: Class A 125 and below, Class AA 126 to 229, Class AAA 230 to 403, Class AAAA 404 and above

Boys cross country: Class A 207 and below, Class AA 208-399, Class AAA 400 and above

Girls cross country: Class A 195 and below, Class AA 196-384, Class AAA 385 and above

Football: Class A 174 and below, Class AA 175-299, Class AAA 300-492, Class AAAA 493 and above

Boys golf: Class AA 297 and below, Class AAA 298 and above

Girls golf: Class AA 302 and below, Class AAA 303 and above

Boys soccer: Class A 213 and below, Class AA 214 to 401, Class AAA 402 and above

Girls soccer: Class A 213 and below, Class AA 214 to 393, Class AAA 394 and above

Softball: Class A 146 and below, Class AA 147 to 246, Class AAA 247 to 444, Class AAAA 445 and above

Boys swimming and diving: Class AA 409 and below, Class AAA 410 and above

Girls swimming and diving: Class AA 392 and below, Class AAA 393 and above

Boys tennis: Class AA 377 and below, Class AAA 378 and above

Girls tennis: Class AA 356 and below, Class AAA 357 and above

Boys track and field: Class AA 277 and below, Class AAA 278 and above

Girls track and field: Class AA 265 and below, Class AAA 266 and above

Boys volleyball: Class AA 467 and below, Class AAA 468 and above

Girls volleyball: Class A 173 and below, Class AA 174-376, Class AAA 377 and above

Wrestling: Class AA 336 and below, Class AAA 337 and above