Volunteers spread holiday cheer at WGH

Decorating the halls of Warren General Hospital on Monday were volunteers from the WGH Auxiliary and a large group of young volunteers who gave up their day off school to assist. The group put up evergreen and ribbon garlands on the first, second and third floor hallways. The students decorated the nurse’s stations and hospital desks with red poinsettias. Each patient room received a decorated Christmas stocking. Large evergreen wreaths were placed throughout the hospital. The group finished by wrapping all the hospital hall pictures with Christmas paper and decorating the various Christmas trees throughout the hospital lobbies and waiting rooms.

Assisting auxiliary members were WAHS Student Council members: Ada Flagella, Meranda Jenkins, Lexi Jansens, Evan Suppa, Will Bablak, Caitria Mecrea, Aubrey Greenland, Caitlin Rietz, Olivia Manderfeld, Katie Freeborough, Kimberleigh Parroccini, Robin Thomas, Kaitlin Sedon, McKenzie Merenick, Susan Benton, Rachel Lasecki, Megan Butina, Rachel Stewart, Eric Zavinski, Abby Funari, Casey Kulka and Erin Groves. WAHS Key Club members Stephanie Kightlinger, Amber Skinner, Elise Brown and EHS Key Club members Madi Hultman, Kaitlyn Blake, Jessica McCool, Kellie Coons and Kristen Wagner also participated. Little Caesar’s Pizza shop donated several pizzas for a lunch for the volunteers.

The Angel Giving Tree is standing tall in the outpatient lobby with many “donation angels” scripted in the open book, the WAHS Madrigal singers will soon perform in the hospital cafeteria. Dec. 9-13, the 14 hospital departments will show their holiday spirit with the grand Christmas baskets display and auction.