Humane Society looks for donations to fill Christmas wish list of needs

Paws Along the River has a Christmas wish list again this year.

“Last year we had so many wonderful, loving donations that sustained us through the holidays,” Karen Kolos, Humane Society executive director, said, adding that some of the donations lasted through October.

The donations help make the animals more comfortable and assist the staff with their work.

Cleaning supplies like Spic and Span, paper towels, laundry detergents and the like are always welcome and needed. Orange- or lavender-scented Pine Sol is appreciated, as is Dawn dish soap, liquid Comet, hand sanitizer and rubber gloves.

Currently, Kolos said they really need Purina Cat Chow to feed the more than 50 cats currently housed at the shelter, and to help with people asking for assistance.

“We’ve had many requests from people who can’t afford to feed their cats,” Kolos said.

Other items that are useful include gift cards for gasoline and for Tractor Supply, where they buy kitty litter.

Copy paper and stamps also help, and if someone wants to help but can’t afford to buy supplies, aluminum cans to benefit the animals can be donated both at the shelter on Elm Street and at Segel and Son on South Street.

Gently used dog and cat collars, leashes and toys are needed, as are used clean blankets and towels. A working used dryer is needed to help keep bedding and other materials clean.

The shelter cannot accept doghouses, bedspreads, comforters, stuffed toys, pet medications, open bags of food or newspapers.

Visit for more information on donations, adoptions and holiday pet safety information.