Dear editor:

In agreement with “Learning from Mistakes”, 11-26-2013 letter to the editor, let us examine the matter in a larger context. All people now living know nothing but the increasing statist bent at all levels of government in most countries.

Locally the conflict over the tourist promotion agency was the latest well-publicized example. If they really want to promote tourism, abolish the bed tax and let voluntary rather than coerced transactions rule. The promotional message: come to Warren County and your dollars will buy 3% more(or whatever the other counties charge). Why does the free market result in lower costs and more prosperity? Each transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller must benefit them both in order to occur. Coerced transactions(taxes or government manipulated markets) usually cause losses or waste either immediately or later when the money is unwisely spent outside of market discipline.

Ethically speaking, money acquired by theft (unwise) will usually be spent unwisely. Conflict and ill will arise over who will spend the money and for what purposes. We see this all the time from the bed tax locally to Obamacare on the national level.

Leonard Pitts’ column, 10-17-2013, attacked Dr. Ben Carson for likening Obamacare to slavery as “hyperbolic nonsense”. Pitts then proceeded to engage in hyperbolic nonsense in further defaming Carson, destroying his own credibility by projecting his characterizations onto Carson.

Cal Thomas’ column, 10-18-2013, included the question, “Did they (your ancestors) die in bondage so that you could squander the freedom you enjoy by becoming slaves to other things?”

We all undoubtedly have slaves or serfs in our ancestry. There was a period almost unique in human history from about 1700 to 1900, especially in the English-speaking countries, when people learned from their mistakes. Governments became more libertarian; religious persecution nearly ended; slavery and serfdom were outlawed; and responsibility and rule of law promoted a technology-fueled prosperity.

In the last century things seem to be drifting the other way because people do not value or defend their liberty as much. The words of New Hampshire Revolutionary War general John Stark, “Live Free or Die,” apply both to the economy and to the country. We honor our war heroes and veterans for defending our freedom, so do not squander it by not opposing its widespread infringement.

W. Christian McNeal