Beaty Park’s sledding hill a Warren winter tradition

There are a couple different types of sledders.

There are the screamers, boys and girls who just have to let it out on the way down, no matter how big the hill.

There are the daredevils, typically young boys whose for the time being indestructible bodies and brains that haven’t quite fully formed propel them down the hill head first into a ramp they built that points nearly straight up.

There’s the “I’m getting too old for this” father who’ll be more than happy to fling you down the hill, but you’re on you’re own getting back up.

There’s the watchers, kids who hit the hill once or twice and prefer to nap in the car.

And there’s the jokers, little balls of chaos bent on destroying your ramp, knocking you down and pushing your sled down the hill before you can get on it.

Down they go and up they come.

Sledders took advantage of mild temperatures and fluffy snow Friday at Beaty Playground. Children built jumps and parents who were just not ready to march up and down the hill after Thanksgiving dinner the day before watched as the litte ones zoomed by on sleds, discs and snowboards.

Last year the snow just didn’t stick, said Chris Downey, who was with his children Trenton, 8, and Lilly, 4. He said the family only made it out about twice to sled last year.

“The snow just didn’t stay. This year’s kind of nice,” he said.

Corey Hill and his daughter Kayden, 7, and son Noah, 3, were at Beaty with their uncle Miles Lawson. All four were aiming for a small jump at the bottom of the hill.

Ronnie and Emily Brock brought their son Stephen, 5, and nephews Tristen Brock, 14, and Ethan McClintock, 2, from Kentucky to visit family in Warren County for Thanksgiving. They brought the children to sled in real snow.

“We don’t get very much of this down where we are,” Tristen said. “We had a little bit, maybe an inch or so.”

A quick trip to the store for some sleds and they were off.

“I’d say the last time we had a good snow was probably mid to late ’90s,” Ronnie said. The kids have seen snow, “but nothing like this.”

“My little boy’s never seen snow like this. It’ll be hard to pry them away from it,” he said.