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DEP fine

Dear editor:

It was certainly refreshing to see the $25,000 fine being imposed by the DEP on Waste Treatment Corporation of Warren.

Might there be a way I could obtain some of these funds to purchase wet suits for my four grandchildren who come to my camp, down stream of Warren, on the river every summer to swim and play in the river? Of course, these wet suits must be resistant to radioactive material so I’ll need a substantial amount of money.

It seems we can’t bully kids, spank them or smoke around them but, clearly, exposing them to radioactive waste material is not of any particular concern.

It was bad enough that a million plus gallons of raw sewage was once flushed down river onto my grandchildren, playing in the river, but this one seems pretty much over the edge.

I hope the DEP enjoys their $25,000 fine imposed and, surely, they’ll come back saying “the levels of radioactive waste discharged is of no danger to personnel.”

If that’s the case, then why was the fine even imposed?

Dennis Corey