Gov. Corbett

Dear editor:

Governor Corbett, he’s a real piece of work isn’t he?

To everyone who voted for him, are you happy now? He justified cutting education by saying we need to save money and then got four new SUVs.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Not.

He has given tax breaks to oil companies. He’s trying to sell the state lottery, which benefits the seniors. He’s trying to sell the state liquor stores, which is income into the state. He compared same-sex marriage to sibling incest, which is not even in the same ballpark.

In the process of cutting spending, he targeted autistic children, saying that wraparound service wasn’t worthwhile. He succeeded in taking some funding away.

Now he’s making the tax on gas even higher. So they get to take our oil, and make us pay for it as if it’s some sort of privilege to have them take it. Is this the kind of person we want running our state?

Shannon Wolfer

Sugar Grove