Learning from mistakes

Dear editor:

When do people begin to learn from their past mistakes and quit repeating them. Hasn’t this town seen enough of these outside “developers” who come into our town with false promises of greatness and wealth.

The only ones getting wealthy are the “developers” who leave town with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in their pockets and Warren is left with empty or incomplete buildings, no taxes being paid and investigation expenses. The Huns used to come in and rape and pillage, not much different than the current day “developers.

Just how many of these outside “developers” do we have to make wealthy before our leaders wake up?

It seems like as soon as one leaves with his pockets full of grant money that another is standing by to feed at the public trough of local and grant money. I think that somewhere out there is a list of gullible towns and cities and Warren is at the top of the list.

Let private enterprise do its thing and we will all be much better off for it. If someone is using your money they will always waste some or all of it for their own good. If a developer is using only his own money then things usually come out just fine. There are plenty examples of that in our town. Just look at all of the businesses that have been started with private money and then look at the ones that depended on grants and other public money. Most of the grant money businesses, if they did get started, are gone in a year or two.

So let’s tell these new “developers” that want to come into town and save all the empty buildings that we welcome them with open arms, but not open wallets. If they want to use their money to purchase and rehabilitate our town, great. Otherwise, tell them to go find another gullible village of idiots.

Myself and lots of other business people in this town have made a go of it without feeding at the public trough and it upsets all of us that we are repaid by our successes by our local governments giving away our tax dollars.

If you agree, do something. Send a letter to our local officials, send an email. Write a letter to the editor. Make

it known that we don’t need outside “developers.”

Thank you,

Lou Dussia