Thanks for veterans

Dear editor:

Thank you, Mr. Scott, for celebrating Veterans Day at Applebees Warren (Vets ate free.)

We had a great meal, talked with Manager Kay, told her that my spouse, a Navy Vet has asbestosis/mesothelioma.

As we were preparing to leave, the elderly gentleman at the next table was having a problem with his check. He thought the entire bill was free and did not realize that he needed to pay for the coffee. A man we THOUGHT was a management person offered to take care of the bill.

The Vet was reluctant to accept, but finally did, because “James” was sweet, compassionate, very respectful and convinced the Vet it was perfectly OK for him to leave. “James” also thanked the customer, for his service.

We watched “James” take $3. out of his own pocket to pay the bill for the Veteran… Kelly, the waitress came over and “James” gave HER $3 for a tip which she refused to take!

There was no way to interpret what just happened other than a huge truthful respect for this elderly veterans and his service.

My eyes welled up as I watched it unfold. True compassion. My heart was about to explode with admiration so I headed back to use the restroom and refresh my face when I came upon the ultimate in homage to veterans everywhere. There in the back of the main dining room sat a small elegantly set table for one, an empty chair and the flag was draped respectfully above it, with the words “Missing Man” meal.

If I wasn’t impressed before, I was totally blown away with the detail and respect that the table stood for. That one table, honors and represents, the souls of all veterans who made our lives and our lifestyles possible.

It is with the utmost of deepest respect that we would like to thank Mr. Scott, and Kay, and James, and Kelly and that elderly sweet veteran who came to dinner because Mr. Scott asked him to do so.

(Who was James?…he was the host)

“Chief in Spring Creek”

David Burkett, Spring Creek