Dear editor:

I would very much like to thank the reporter and the Times Observer for printing the very special story of “Found” on November 4, 2013, concerning my search for my biological family.

In addition to the reporter, I am most grateful for so many wonderful people in Warren County who initially responded to my request on October 22nd on Facebook, to assist me in my life-long quest to find my natural parents.

A Warren native is the one who actually made the connection for me, and on October 24th was talking to my step-mother in Florida. I am still processing this life-event and looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my biological mother for the first time in 57 years.

I am so extremely blessed. This year’s Thanksgiving will likely be the very best in recent memory. After Christmas I hope to begin reconnecting with my siblings on my father’s side.

For those who may still be searching for a lost-long relative, please do not give up, for I would never have thought after 57 years I would have had the success I have had. Even though I live just down the road in Meadville – I return to Warren often, which will always be my true home.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey T. Moore