Music in Park

Dear editor:

Maybe I’m a little less in the stream of consciousness than I should be, but I’m thinking maybe I’m a little more compassionate and tolerant. Maybe we should be less “politically correct” and a little more accepting. I’m thinking maybe we should enjoy what talents others have without digging for an ulterior motive.

Regarding Music In The Park, I was under the impression that it was a showcase for all different types of music. A choice, for free, for our community to enjoy an evening out that didn’t involve dressing up, finding a sitter, or breaking your budget.

I don’t like jazz, therefore I would not go to hear it. Ditto for rap and hip hop. I do like blues, oldies, and rock, including (gasp) Christian rock. Yes, it sends a message, but doesn’t all music?

I am fully aware of the raging debate about continuing the separation of church and state, but where do we draw the line? I would never have thought twice about seeing a Christian rock band listed in the schedule of MITP, no more than seeing the Pete Pepke Band or Jim Cheronis. I have a choice. I choose NOT to go hear the music I don’t care for, and so do the rest of those in our community. Why does it have to devolve into “us against them”, (with “them” being so much more knowledgeable and PC than I)?

Sometimes I think tolerance and common sense has gone by the wayside and rigidness and intolerance have taken their place. Can’t we just take the gift of MITP and enjoy it for its original intent?


Debi Hagberg, Warren

P.S. Whatever would we do if one of the acts in MITP had the audacity to play Amazing Grace as part of their program?