A lot has changed since 1963

One of the features in the Monday, Nov. 25, 1963 edition of the Times-Mirror was a story about a woman who remembered the previous presidential assassination.

Mrs. C. M. Lewis of Akeley said she had been on a train to Buffalo for the Pan American Exposition when the assassination of President William McKinley was announced in September 1901. Lewis was in her 30s at that time and 92 at the time of Kennedy’s assassination.

She said the immediate reaction to both events was very similar – “shock and sorrow.”

McKinley was in attendance at the Pan American Exposition. After he was shot, the event was canceled and Lewis, whose train had almost reached its destination, returned home.

Times-Mirror Staff Reporter Betty Rice interviewed Lewis and photographer Gordon Mahan took the photo that accompanied the story. The story carried the headline “Akeley Woman Remembers the Day Of President McKinley’s Slaying.”

The Kennedy assassination brought another event to the minds of Warren County residents. President Judge Allison D. Wade was killed in the courtroom at Warren County Courthouse by Norman W. Moon on Jan. 13, 1954. Moon was committed to Farview State Hospital on Nov. 21, 1957, according to the Times-Mirror.

Clarendon lights

Right on the front-page fold of the Nov. 22, 1963 edition of the Times-Mirror was the story – “Clarendon First in State With Mercury Vapor Lights.” The 46 “modernistic luminares” brought a total of 316,000 lumens to Clarendon, reportedly providing 12 times the illumination of the previous incandescent lights.


Just like today’s Times Observer, the 1963 Times-Mirror featured a birthday list of local folks. Of the 25 names on the list of Nov. 26 birthdays in the Monday, Nov. 25, 1963, edition, eight names are exactly the same today. They are: Doris Baker, E. A. Scalise, Naomi Highfield, Esther Anderson, Nancy Joanne Geracimos, Sandra Stone Lee, Anna Echelmeyer, Richard L. Baker, and Thomas Doherty. In 1963, there was a Nancy Joanne Geracimos on the list. The current list includes Nancy J. Geracimos. And Gay Ann Marquis is among the 1963 birthdays and a Gay Ann Scalise is on the 2013 list. Both lists include women named Salapek, but the first names are different – Rose Margaret and Kaitlynn E.

1963 Advertising

Warren Television Corp. on Liberty Street offered a free turkey with new installation. The installation charge was $9.95 and the monthly service rate was $5.95. According to another ad, Warren TV Cable featured five channels and four networks – ABC, NBC, CBS, and CBC.

One-pound cans of cranberries or cranberry sauce were available at Loblaw’s. Turkeys were 35 cents a pound – 39 cents a pound for Grade ‘A’ turkeys.

Kuhre’s North Warren Market was offering side-of-beef – 225 to 260 pounds, cut, wrapped, frozen, and delivered – at 57 cents per pound.

Garrison-Wolfe Co. of Warren was advertising 12 homes ranging in price from $7,500 for a two-bedroom frame house in Stoneham to $29,900 for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, brick ranch at 39 Duncan Blvd.

Gaughn’s Drug Store offered Bufferin at $1.29 for 100 or $2.37 for 225.

Virg-Ann Flower Shop and Ekey Florist were among several businesses offering Thanksgiving flowers in one ad.