County co-op planned for high school golf

The Warren County School District is in process of establishing one county-wide boys golf team.

The co-operative agreement that permitted students from Youngsville High School to participate in golf at Eisenhower Middle High School is in the process of being dissolved with new agreements to allow students from those schools to participate on one team at Warren Area High School.

The Personnel/Athletics and Co-Curricular Committee forwarded the administrative recommendation to the full board for action at the December meeting.

Phil Knapp, supervisor of district-wide athletics and co-curricular activities, said that the Eisenhower golf team started last year with four participants but that number decreased during the season and there were no students from Youngsville who participated.

Moving forward, he said that there are “not sufficient numbers to run that program.”

Sheffield currently has a co-op with Warren for golf meaning that, with the Ike program shuttered, the county will be left with one golf team.

Board member Jack Werner said that “at one time there was a maximum of two incoming schools to a host school” but that the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, or PIAA, has been “liberal” in granting exceptions.

Knapp said he would look into it.

Board member John Grant said that “we are (in) such a unique situation, to break the ice on that” would be good for the district. He noted that the district already has such an arrangement in swimming. “If we have to be obnoxious, petition it, we should.”

Board President Arthur Stewart asked if there would be any negative consequences to Warren.

“I think they’ll still maintain AAA status,” said Knapp.

An additional co-op was also approved by the committee for students at the Warren County Christian School to participate in soccer at Eisenhower. Knapp said that WCCS co-ops with Youngsville in every other sport and “would like to be part of that group” now that Youngsville students are playing soccer at Eisenhower.

All of the co-op agreements will be subject to approval by the PIAA.