Friday mission benefit set

A benefit concert will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22, at the Praise Fellowship Cafe in Russell.

Proceeds will be used by the David and Julie Blick family to help build a home for a family in Mazatlan, Mexico.

This gives the public an opportunity to have a home to a family in need this Christmas.

The Blicks of Youngsville will travel with some family and friends to Mazatlan, Mexico, where they will work to build a home for a poor family.

The entourage will include Dave and Julie Blick and their children, Randi, Nate, Josiah and Christian; Ben and Liz Blick and their three small children, Naomi, Judah and Leyna; Cassandra Galbier; and Bryden Bowley.

“We are thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to give such a wonderful and life-changing gift,” Julie Blick explained.

The family invites the public to this concert. There will be music performed by Dave, Ben, Liz and Nate, along with desserts and coffee and a cozy festive atmosphere. They will share briefly about their trip, and all proceeds will go to build the house. The family they are building for lives in a tiny shack. The work will be overseen by a contractor. The Blick family and friends will construct a comfortable dry home (and with it a brighter future) for this family. The home will be outfitted with a bed, stove, table, chairs and refrigerator for a total cost of $6,600.

“What an awesome time of year to give a little bit of the lots that we all have to bless a family in need,” Blick added. “An entire community is transformed one family at a time.”

The public is invited to come and enjoy a cup of coffee, delicious dessert and great music; and help give the gift of a home.

Those who can’t attend the concert but would like to make a donation may do so by sending a check to Praise Fellowship Church, 7451 Market St., Russell, Pa ., 16345.