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Dear editor:

I am an ex-member of the WCVB Board of Directors, and the owner of a tourism-based business in this county. I’d like to tell the non-fiction version of how the WCVB works.

All that the public has heard is the “poor me” version from the WCVB Board. They have spent much time, money and effort on this propaganda campaign and its the detriment of the county. They haven’t mentioned how they romanced the Township Supervisors at their Visitor’s Center Open House in an attempt to sway the vote their way. The real truth is that this whole thing is simply a remedial action attempted by the Commissioners to rectify the mishandling of funds by the WCVB Board of Directors.

There is approximately $100,000 missing. Let me say that againthere is $100,000 missing from the WCVB. Why do very few of the township supervisors understand that?

It’s your job to understand that and take action to correct it, not perpetuate it by simply believing the lies that are being spewed by the VB or playing politics because you have an “axe to grind” with the Commissioners. Nowhere else would it be acceptable to hide $100K and not account for it.

The Visitor’s Center building was given to the WCVB free and clear and now they have a $50K lien on it that was paid down from $100K with the funding they get from the bed tax and membership dues. How does that help tourism? Where did the money go?

Their Treasurer is one of the guys demanding audit results from the WCCBI, but has not had their own books audited for 5 years. Is this how Warren County wants their Tourism Promotion Agency to be run? If not, contact your Township Supervisors and tell them to support the Commissioner’s decision.

I have a lot more facts to tell, but have limited space in this letter. More to come.


Alan Chapel

Allegheny Cellars Winery

Hostile takedown

Dear editor:

Everyone should find the hostile takedown of the WCVB repugnant and totally unacceptable behavior.

This fight is so totally unnecessary, without merit, and most people see it for what it is a power play and money grab.

I spoke in length and openly with two of our county commissioners. At the end of that conversation I found their reasoning unconvincing, and don’t believe they were totally convinced either.

Let’s be honest and tell it the way it is. The county commissioners didn’t hatch this one on their own. They were heavily lobbied – period. All one has to do is look at who was out lobbying the Warren City Council and other municipalities, and you will find the real instigators of this blatant power play.

As for those whom believe they are somehow privileged and entitled to such blatant power plays, I ask you to see Warren as it is and the miserable track record which has gotten us here. This is to say, if there were big positive gains and Warren was in good shape, I’d wouldn’t bother to call you out. But someone needs to get a grip of reality and face the fact the ship is sinking.

Here’s another fact, boys. I’m getting old and you are a lot older. But I have the good sense to accept my time front and center is waning and the future belongs to the next generations. The shelf life of my ideas is growing short. Perhaps the shelf life of your ideas has past.

For some unknown reason, my business life introduced me to very wealthy and influential people. They used their personal wealth (not someone else’s foundation) and influence to make huge undertakings successful ventures for community growth and revitalization, making what goes on here in Warren look pretty sad and pathetic. One has to be enlightened enough to know when their wealth and influence is truly altruistic or just a pathetic naked power play.

I call upon the county commissioners and the WCCBI board of directors to end this hostile takedown. I also call upon the business members of the WCCBI to stand up and use your membership status to say NO this is not how we do things in Warren. And I call upon those townships yet to vote to deny this hostile takedown.

Dan Ristau