New fair directors elected

At the Warren County Fair’s annual meeting on Saturday, seven directors were elected for next year’s fair. Doris Labowsky, spokeswoman for the fair, said that about 87 people turned out to vote.

She added that anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote.

Incumbents Anthony Cerra, Ryan Jespersen, Dale McMillen, Murray Peterson, Jeffrey Rulander and Dave Wilcox were elected to three-year terms, as was one new nominee, Michael Chase.

Judy Cerra provided the “entertainment,” on the 24 different “hats” directors wear during the course of their terms. Each director stood and told the audience what their various duties were to ensure another great fair.

Dale Bliss, who provides publicity for the fair, said, “There was an overwhelming chorus of support to our volunteers. Anyone who wants to lend a hand is encouraged to. We can’t run a fair without them.”

Next month, the board of directors will meet to choose officers for the coming year.