Commissioners nominate 3 to Conservation board

During a brief work session last week, the Warren County Commissioners nominated three people for the Warren County Conservation District’s board of directors.

The nominees are Barry Van Ord, representing county farmers; Richard Smith, representing the public-at-large; and Stephen Vanco, representing the county commissioners. Pam Matve noted that after nominations are made, the state comes in to check out the nominees to, for example, make sure they are real farmers.

Commissioner John Bortz said he had met with Erin Connelly, Allegheny National Forest supervisor, to discuss the relationships between the county and the ANF.

He reported that Connelly indicated to him that the national forest system has taken five percent across-the-board cuts as a result of federal budget cuts.

Bortz said that industry leaders, particularly oil and gas, had told him that cooperation with the ANF has never been better.

He said, “During the recent shutdown, the instructions that were given to the oil and gas industry was, ‘Hey, guys, do what you have to do out there, just be neat about it’.”

“It was a real sea change in cooperation, recognizing that the oil and gas guys do have a right to do what they do out there. From what I’ve heard, it was as good a situation as could have developed,” he added.