Food-for-Fines starts this week at Warren Library

In the spirit of giving, the Warren Public Library will conduct a Food-For-Fines program to help stock the shelves of the Salvation Army food pantry and to clear fines from the library cards of local borrowers. During the period Nov. 18 through 24, the library will accept non-perishable groceries as payment for fines on videos, DVDs, audiocassettes, CDs or books.

“Foods-for-Fines” enables patrons to clear their records of old fines and to waive fines for titles that are presently overdue. Donors can choose to apply their donated items against their library fines and receive $1 of fine reduction for each item donated.

There is no limit on the number of fines that may be cleared or the number of overdue items that can be returned. The food donations are only good on overdue fines. Lost or damaged book charges or their associated fees are not eligible.

Suggested food donations include: peanut butter, crackers, package mixes, rice, pasta, and canned meats (tuna, spam), baked beans, soups, vegetables, fruits and juices.

The library staff is only able to accept undamaged and unexpired boxes or cans of non-perishable food items. Sample sizes or food in glass jars, because of the risk of breakage, will not be accepted. “Food-for-Fines” transactions must be handled in person at the circulation desk during the hours the library is open.

Library Director Patty Sherbondy notes that “donating food items is a great way for library users to take care of their overdue fines and help their neighbors. The Warren Public Library’s ‘Food-for-Fines’ program is good for the food pantry, good for the library, and good for local library patrons.”

Patrons who have no fines to pay but who would like to participate in this voluntary program are encouraged to bring donations to the library.

For additional information, call the library at 723-4650.