DivorceCare ministry begins at First United Methodist Church

DivorceCare helps churches restore broken lives.

There aren’t many people around who understand the pain of their separation or divorce.

“It is my hope, by continuing DivorceCare Ministry at First Church, we will become known as a place where divorced or separated families can get help right away; to become known as a place where they can come for support and guidance over several months as they work through their issues that surround them,” said director Heidi Ketzko.

DivorceCare, a 13-week Christ-centered program, features nationally recognized experts on divorce and recovery topics from a Christian perspective through DVDs and a participant notebook. Seminar sessions include “Facing My Anger,” “Facing My Loneliness,” “Depression,” “New Relationships,” “KidCare” and “Forgiveness.” During these sessions, you will meet others who understand what you’re feeling and who will be able to offer encouragement. There will be time spent talking about the tape and their own experiences. Much healing can occur during the group discussions, which will help you deal with the pain of the past and to look forward to rebuilding your life.

DivorceCare ministry is ongoing and designed as a weekly format to run in a continuous cycle, which means a person can join anytime. This is a non-profit ministry, which is supported through proceeds from the sale of DivorceCare materials and by contributions from people with a burden for divorce ministry.

It is hoped that this DivorceCare ministry will be a place where adults can gain knowledge and share their feelings within a small group of others who are also experiencing separation and divorce. As they become more active in this ministry and begin to develop trust, we at First Church will have an opportunity to introduce them to other aspects of church life and opportunities for spiritual growth, Ketzko added.

“As a person who has gone through divorce, I continue to have a strong passion for this ministry and to be able to help others who are separated & divorced find the Lord’s comfort and healing through DivorceCare ministry,” Ketzko explained.

The next session for DivorceCare will begin Monday, Nov. 25, from 6 to 8 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, 200 Market Street.

For more information or if you have any questions concerning this program, contact Heidi Ketzko through First United Methodist Church at 723-4930.