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Dear editor:

The writer of the “Fixing roads and bridges” tells it like it is and it will be happening soon.

But there have been a select group of state representatives who have dragged their feet on this issue for good reason.

What the newspaper writer fails to mention for whatever reason is the huge waste of money for the transportation systems of Philly and Pittsburgh.

It makes no sense to me to have us take care of the “needs” of those metro areas because they have problems managing their resources. Either tighten your belt or streamline your system.

Our folks have done that here, why can’t they do the same? For whatever reason our Governor has chosen to side with the “spenders” in this state. Hold on, it’s going to get bad with gas tax. Again thanks to those State reps that have tried to reduce the waste of metro busing systems.

Richard Kolcharno, Warren

Music in Park

Dear editor,

I decided to write a letter in regard to Greg Fraiser’s letter Nov. 12 about the music in the park.

What has gone on in our Supreme Court has taken on a anti-Christ nature.

I am not afraid of jail, anything good always costs somebody something, including death and their freedom. In the day of martyrs in history any right in the Constitution, including an infant’s life, is worth jail and worse. In England, old family history tells us when Catholics had power, half of the Hannah family were in jail eating bread and water, and the when the Church of England were in control the other half of the family were in jail on bread and water.

Catholics burned Protestants at the stake. It never stopped God and never will. Silence is never golden where the Gospel is concerned. God uses the foolish things of earth to confound the wise.

Regardless who at present controls nations when they are gone and not in office, the God of the Bible will always be around. The Supreme Court decided it was right to take an infant’s life in its mothers womb, will someday have to die and answer to a just God in an eternity they know nothing about, and they will shake in their boots and beg for mercy.

Silence is never golden in regard to the Gospel. Music in the park is a local tradition and has nothing to do with any traditional religion except Christian songs people may hear. Nobody twist anybody’s arm to come and listen, nobody is going to jail, no one is going to tell anyone what to do or force them to do anything.

It is simply a policy forced on us by the Supreme Court to silence the Church in all public places. When the anti-Christ on the Supreme Court are gone the God of the Bible will still be around. When they are in judgement before God in eternity shaking in their spiritual boots, crying for mercy they will have no power at all to do anything.

Silence is not golden as far as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is concerned. Just a few thoughts of my own on that subject.

Shannon Hannah, Warren