Our opinion: Special service

Something will be missing from the Warren County School Board the next time it meets.

It will be missing the direct participation of two board members, who extended their involvement in the administration of education to service on the board of directors for education in Warren County.

Former superintendent John Grant and former principal Dr. Paul Yourchisin met for the last time as members of the school board Tuesday night.

Their administrative experience and their input on the board will be missed. They provided the board with a rich base of knowledge in a field that is both complicated and, at times, confusing.

School board members may be the most over-worked and under-appreciated elected officials in any county. They are not paid. They are frequently criticized, especially here in a district that has suffered through the sort of controversy which threatened to foment the secession of one attendance area from the rest.

So, with the propensity for controversy, the lack of financial compensation for hundreds of hours of poring over difficult-to-understand educational policy mandates, marathon board and committee meetings, why does anyone consider school board election?

They do it because they are commited to children and believe strongly that a solid, compelling education benefits not only the current generation served by the system, but those generations to come.

For some, thankfully, those reasons are compelling enough to overcome the detractions.