Area News In Brief…

Student Union

receives donations

The Warren Area Student Union received contributions to its fundraising campaign from the following in October:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Africa, American Legion, Glenn and Cathy Anderson, Appleseed, Norma Bankoske, Dennis and Kathleen Benedict, Lorraine Bengston, David Berdine, Betts Industries Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Betts., Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blair, Joseph and Carole Blasco, Michael and Frances Brennan, Chester Brooks, CTI Physcial Therapy, Brent and Bonita Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Christy, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Creek, Mr. and Mrs. John Crone, Crossett, Evelyn Dahler, Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, Mark and Karen Davis, Nancy Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Defabio, Mr. and Mrs. Dey, Robert Dietsch, Jennie Dobson, Jack and Mary Donaldson, Dale and Jane Dunshie.

James or Sharon Eaton, James Eberly, Jay Endres MD, Exchange Club of Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fitzgerald, Sylvia Follett, J. and K. Frank, Judy Gibson, Martha Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. James Greenland, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gustafson, Susan Gustafson, Father James Gutting, M. C. Haben, Elmer Haight, John L. Harrington MD, Hoover Oil Field Supply Co., Philip Howard, Rosalind Hupp, Henry Hus, John and Cynthia Jarzab, Tom and Linda Jensen, Peggy Johnson, H.D. and Leota Jones, James Kemp, John and Barb Kersey, Knights of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leins, William Lemeur, Donald E. Lewis Funeral Home, Mr. and Mrs. James Lindell, Joan Loree, John McGarry, Dr. and Mrs. Charles MacKenzie, Kristin and Renee Magnuson, Mary Mahan, William Mahan CFP, Anne Putnam Mallinson Trust, Mr. and Mrs. John. Mangus, Murry and Marie McComas, Dr. and Mrs. David McConnell Jr., Jeannette McDunn, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Moore, Richard and Janelle Moore.

Susan Nosel, Patricia O’Dea, Anita Oaks, Pa General Energy Corp, Mr. and Mrs. John Weller Park, Joseph and E. Passaro, Margaret Paul, Plaza Restaurant, Dr. and Mrs. Keith Price, R. W. Larson Associates PC, Jean Riche, Helen and Harry Rosequist, SDC Associates Inc., Linda Samargya, Nancy Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scarcella, Kathleen Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Seth, Suzanne Shall, Ed Shults of Warren, Peter and Margery Smith, Donald and Nancy Sobina, Sally Steele, Mark Sternberg and Diane Grosezk, Cynthia Strausser, Evelyn Stufflebeam, Michael and Lillian Suppa, Dr. and Mrs. Sunny Thomas, Mark and Carol Torrance, James Vecellio, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vicini, Warren Pediatric Associates, Robert White, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Williams, Dave Winans, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Wingard, Judge and Mrs. Wolfe, Women of the Moose, Jerry and Ann Wortman, Mr. and Mrs. James Young Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Zawacki.

Tax-deductible can be sent to WASU, 330 Hickory St, Warren, PA 16365.