Ruff Riders open 4-H?program year

Sugar Ruff Riders 4H Horse and Pony Club met Nov. 4 at Sugar Grove Mission Covenant Church. The meeting was called to order by the prior year’s vice president, Abbie Downs. Abbie also led the 4-H Pledge .

Leaders and officers were introduced. Members introduced themselves, and new members were welcomed. New members included Aubrey Younger, Mariel Clark, Lindsey Carpenter, Katie Carpenter, James Carpenter, and Conner Younger.

The club elected new officers. The 2013/2014 officers are Abbie Downs, president; Alexis Titch, vice president; Rachel Dietch, secretary; Melissa Bennett, treasurer; Aubrey Younger , news reporter; Jonah Samuelson, social chairperson; Alyssa Brook, Katelyn Bennett, Mariel Clark, Lindsey Carpenter, Katie Downs, Melissa Bennett , Conner Younger, photographers; and Mariel Clark, historian.

Awards were handed out to event winners for high points for the prior year. The winners were Katie Downs, Melissa Bennett, Katelyn Bennett, Alexis Titch and Rachel Dietch. Members learned about markings on a horse and played games to extend their knowledge about horses.

The Sugar Grove Ruff Riders recently earned money at Thorne’s Bi-Lo, bagging groceries. Their next fund-raiser will be at Hoagie Hut in Corry on Tuesday, Nov. 12. The Ruff Riders will host Taco Night at the Hut. They will be serving and preparing food for customers while earning tips along with having a bake/candy sale to earn money by selling pies, cookies, candies and much more. The event will be held from 4 to 8 p.m., according to news reporter Aubrey Younger.