Dear editor:

A recent series of incidents has alerted me that I, my family, and thousands of other people in the Warren area, will soon face unanticipated changes in the delivery of their medical care.

Last week, I took a family member to the ER at WGH. During the admission process, we were asked to name our family physician. When we responded with the MD’s name, the clerk said, “for now”. That comment meant nothing to us until Friday, November 1st.

On Friday, we had a bit of an emergency. Happily, our family’s doctor’s office was able to accommodate us before the weekend. Our MD was out, so we were cared for by the other MD in the practice. That MD informed us that, within three weeks, her services as an internist with the Warren Medical Group were being terminated. Further, we were informed that, as of January 31st, 2014, our MD’s services, at the office we have gone to for decades, would be terminated by Warren Medical Group.

This information explained the “for now” comment we had heard earlier in the week. We were upset. Hoping we were mistaken, I called WGH. That call confirmed the news-the terminations of service would be in effect as described above.

We expect that if a friend sees a storm coming our way, the friend would, without delay, notify us of the observation. We expect that if a professional with whom we do business, sees a storm coming our way, that professional would, without delay, notify us of the observation.

We are hurt and disappointed. We have always regarded Warren’s medical community as friends and professionals. It was my call to WGH, not their call to me, which established definitive notice of the storm that will hit us. That storm is their terminations of service of physicians my family loves and trusts.

This letter reports what I have observed. The storm on my family’s horizon is also on the horizon of thousands of others in the Warren area.

Are there actions or interventions that we, as a community, can initiate to mitigate or deflect the disruptive potential of this storm? My hope is that some of you might have some good ideas that you will share with the community.

Best wishes,

Will Champlin