The 418 Club

“Garbage in, garbage out.” I became familiar with the expression when I first used a computer back in the early 1980s. Simple tasks I take for granted today required me, the user, back then to type in lines of code that told the computer what to do. One wrong character or line and the computer would give an error. It was a term I used often because I always managed to hit the wrong keys!

Computers are so user-friendly these days that the average person may never consider the programming, hidden from view, that makes all kinds of amazing things happen. Yet I’d like to start a campaign to bring back the expression “garbage in, garbage out.” Not because of any input into a computer, but to get us to consider what the computer is putting into our heads!

We know what happens to our bodies when we eat a lot of junk food. Ill health and a poorly functioning body, right? Well, our minds operate in the same way. If we continually take in negativity, cynicism, gossip then the way we behave and feel will spring out of that brackish pool. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Just like eating a balanced diet promotes physical health, contemplating the beautiful and noble promotes mental health.

Family Services recently launched a page on Facebook to share its common sense, practical, and positive ideas with the community. Every week we post several helpful resources about parenting, family time, and relationships. Our page statistics demonstrate how people has taken to our presence-a post on bullying prevention was seen by 674 people in one week! Facebook probably would have sounded like science-fiction to the founders of the Family Services all those years ago, but it is a tool that is helping us reach the community with some positive ideas.

You can help us in this important work. We are looking for 418 people to “like” our page in time for next year’s 125th anniversary of Family Services on 4/18. When you like our page, Facebook will suggest the page and posts to your friends helping them find this resource of inspiration. Multiply that by 418 and imagine the impact we could have on our community!

So if you’re like me and get frustrated by some of the garbage on the internet, please “like” the Family Services page and get some good news delivered to your Facebook news feed about twice a week. If you think the kinds of things we’re sharing are important to a healthy community, please invite your friends and family to do the same! Find us at And thanks!

Ian Eastman, M.A. promotes the health and well being of individuals, couples, and families at Family Services of Warren County, a charitable agency that provides counseling, substance abuse services, and support groups.