Trail Blazers begin

The first meeting for the Scandia Trail Blazers’ 4-H club was held Oct. 3 at Scandia Fire Hall. Members went over guidelines and basic requirements to complete the year. In order to get to know one another, members took part in some ice breakers and mixer games.

The second meeting was held Oct. 16 at Scandia Fire Hall. Members nominated and elected officers for the year. The 2013-2014 officers are as follows: president- Kirsten Beardsley, vice president- Jenna Chase, secretary- Holly Allison, assistant secretary- Oakleigh Gilbert, treasurer- Alyssa Molek, scrapbooker- Kassidy Turner, sunshine person- Rachel Richards, and news reporter- Tara Sleeman.

Members are excited for the new year and eager to get started. For information about the 4-H program, call the local Penn State Extension office at 563-9388. Article written by Tara Sleeman.