County first to report election

Warren County was the first county in the state to report election returns after Tuesday’s general election.

And people in Tokyo, Japan were paying attention, too.

“When I called the DOS (Department of State) last night to tell them I had dropped in my ENR (election night returns) file in for their website, my contact there said I was the first county in Pennsylvania to be full reported,” said Lisa Zuck, county director of elections, on Wednesday.

When asked why Warren County reported so quickly, Zuck cited the help she received. “I think it is because I had an awesome group of poll workers and helpers here in the office,” she said. “My poll workers are very experienced and diligent.”

Regarding election day, Zuck said, “It was a quiet day all around. Countywide turnout was 19.54 percent. Out of 20,090 possible voters, 5,684 actually voted.”

She noted that there were no issues with the voting machines throughout the day.

Bill Gallagher, who operates, where election results are posted as they are reported, said that on election night that about 500 people had visited the site with page views in the range of 11,000.

“They will continue to climb,” Gallagher said. “My initial projections were that we might see 13,000 or so page views. At this point, (11 a.m. Wednesday), it looks like we will likely end up somewhere closer to 17,000 (or) 18,000.”

The high watermark for the site is over 65,000 page views. “Generally, when we have commissioner or presidential elections, the website sees over 50,000 page views in a three-day period.”

But the total of unique visitors paints a slightly different picture.

“Considering that we had only approximately 5,500 voters but had 771 unique visitors at the site, that is an interesting percentage,” he said.

Gallagher also explained that the site has seen an increase in the range of location from where the visitors are coming from.

A Google Analytics map reveals that a total of 30 states, from sea to shining sea including California, Florida and Massachusetts, have had at least one person hit the site.

“We did have two visits from Tokyo and one from somewhere in Quebec,” he added.