‘THON’ collection in Warren this week

This weekend, Nov. 9-10, members of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) will be “canning” throughout Warren.

THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, with more than 15,000 student volunteers working all year long to fight pediatric cancer. THON’s sole beneficiary is the Four Diamonds Fund, located at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. This year-long effort concludes with a 46-hour no-sleeping, no-sitting dance marathon. Last year, THON raised $12.37 million, nearly 96 percent of which was donated directly to the Four Diamonds Fund. In addition to the financial support that this money provides, THON also gives emotional support to the children and their families.

Part of THON’s fundraising efforts comes from three “canning” weekends every year, where Penn State students travel to cities throughout Pennsylvania and the east coast to accept donations for the cause. This is similar to Warren’s “Tag Days.” This coming weekend, a Warren Area High School graduate and Penn State student, Tara Shattuck, will bring her fellow THON Entertainment Captains to “can” for donations throughout Warren. Some of the areas in which you will be able to find them are CVS/Pharmacy, The Plaza, Little Caesar’s, Wal-Mart, and Shurfine. They will be wearing signs and holding cans clearly marked for “THON,” and they will most likely have smiles on their faces, Shattuck explained.

There may be other committees or organizations canning in Warren as well, but no matter what THON affiliation you give to, the money will always go to the same place: For The Kids.

To learn more information about THON, or if you aren’t able to donate to a volunteer this weekend and would still like to help out, please visit www.thon.org.