Fees in city

Dear editor:

I read the stories the last two days about the cancellation of the Christmas Parade and liked the commentary on getting the 600 dollars through donations as we have had for other community related needs.

However, it brought up other questions I have wanted to ask, such as: Why all of a sudden are there so many fees for anything community-related? Do we have such a fiscally irresponsible team in place or is it that we do stupid things like cut down the trees along the river because they impede the power lines and then get the taxpayer to replace them for beautification instead of having the power company pay to replace them?

It seems to appear to me that one of the biggest fiscal problems facing the city is poor management of funds. Why do we pay for a manager and an assistant city manager when obvious just one will do. Didn’t the assistant fill in when Nancy Freeenock was unavailable to fulfill her duties?

It seems that all the fees could be reduced or eliminated by reducing the wasteful spending at the top by reducing unneeded staff? I just feel the with some common sense we can do a way better job than the current system instead of taking from the things that keep a community an community!

Maybe if you reduce the staff you can keep the playground staffed in the summer too…Just wondering what happening to our community.

Respectfully yours

Dan Tassone