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Main Ave.

Dear editor:

I would to comment on the Main Ave interchange. Sometimes I do not understand the reasoning behind some of the roads around here that Penndot manages. They have several things that need improved but they seem to think that they are ok.

In regard to this project, the big stupid mistake that they made when this was built was that no Route 6 east ramp was provided. Who ever heard of a ramp over a 4 lane road only going one way? So they just left it this way.

Now they said they are going to change it to a 2 lane road with a bitumonus (sp?) surface and keep the ramp configuration the same. How dumb is this? Changing to a 2 lane may be ok. With the money that is saved by reducing it to a 2 lane and while they have the area torn up, it would only make sense to provide that east bound ramp to Route 6. Also, why not use concrete as it will be cheaper in the long run? With the type of surface that they want to put down, it will have holes in it in just a few years and then a big expense is incurred in future years to keep patching it up. Look what happened to the Route 6 bypass as evidence of this. The concrete part of it has held up well all of these years while the blacktop portion has not and has several repairs.

I think they should think this through and do this job in a way that saves the most money. The way that is proposed is not only going to be more costly but we still have to end up not being able to enter Route 6 eastbound. Someone is not using their head on this project.


Barry Keller


Recent letter

Dear editor,

Is it surprising that a supposedly intelligent person would author such drivel in a letter to the editor, appearing on the seventy-fifth anniversary of Orson Wells’ epic hoax, War of the Worlds?

“I am privately told” 80% in Europe weighed in, on what? “Why WE have not stopped HIM”‘ who is “we”? “The Million Muslim March” indeed. The liberal/Marxist line recalls echoes of Joe McCarthy and the modern “Wrecking Cruz”, for nothing against everything, even the form of government drafted by the Founding Fathers.

I prefer coffee.

Very truly yours,

Bernard J. Hessley