Our opinion: Building opportunity

Buchanan Street has a new house, nothing elaborate, mind you, but a nice, new house that will someday be home to a family.

For decades Habitat For Humanity has been building houses.

Well, that’s what it looks like. But the organization which was championed early on by a former president and his wife, builds much more than just houses. Habitat builds families, neighborhoods, and perhaps more than anything else, hope through opportunity.

This is the way it works. Much like the barn-raisings that close-knit farming communities have pitched in for a family in need, Habitat works with a deserving family. The family agrees to invest its sweat equity and live in the completed dwelling, pay a low- or no-interest mortgage, pay taxes on it and maintain it. Volunteers pitch in and build it, with contributed materials and other materials purchased through financial donations.

This particular house has an added benefit to the community. It became a project for the building trades students at the Warren County Career Center, who did most of the framing and general construction.

What those students learned “on the job” will send them into the working world with marketable skills. Those skills will allow them to one day support their own families.

There are lots of seeds planted in this project.

We can see no down-side to the new house on Buchanan Street, and we welcome a new family to that neighborhood.