Scrap could boost WCSD programs

One of the side products of constructions projects is a lot of scrap.

For the Warren County School District, that has turned into a significant amount of money that will be used to enhanced district programming.

The school board’s Finance Committee has forwarded a proposal to the whole board from administration that the scrap money be “proportioned back into those buildings (on items) other than technology,” Finance Committee Chairman John Grant said.

Business Director Jim Grosch said that, at the end of the last fiscal year, June 30, salvage amounted to $78,879.19 at Beaty-Warren Middle School and $12,093.14 at Eisenhower. The total for all the schools currently sits at $140,267.21.

“We’re finding that due to configuration of buildings… maybe we’re switching some of the family consumer science classes from gas stoves to electric stoves,” he said. The plan is to buy those types of items out of that money to run programs “effectively and efficiently.”

Grosch said the money in hand at the end of the last fiscal year was “committed fund balance.” The administrative recommendation posted on the district’s website that “there are items that Beaty, EMHS, and SAMHS are in need of due to construction and movement of rooms relating to FFE ( furniture, fixture and equipment).”

The proposal was to use that committed fund balance, and what has been received since, to purchase those items.

At one school, Grosch said, “the countertops were at a height not good for the chairs there” and a proposal was made to buy stools for the students. Speaking more generally about these purchases, Grosch said that these are “things that are for the kids (and) that are for the programs… things that weren’t thought of or (were) missed.”

Superintendent Dr. William Clark said the money will be allocated through building principals’ recommendations.