Sheffield PTO wants to help with move

If a proposal from a Sheffield area parent teacher organization is approved, construction of the addition at the current middle/high school could generate some revenue.

The SAVES (Sheffield Allegheny Valley Elementary Schools) PTO has proposed selling commemorative bricks “to lay permanently at the entry to our new addition,” said a letter written by Amy O’Donnell, representing the group, to the Warren County School District board of directors’ Physical Plant and Facilities Committee.

The purpose?

To help offset costs of moving into the new school.

“We anticipate a variety of unexpected expenses when we move to the new school,” the letter states. “We have to move our playground equipment from Sheffield Elementary, possibly purchase additional pieces, and make sure the ground around it is properly covered. We may need to purchase some bulletin boards for the entry way or other areas. There might be some landscaping to be done. We cannot know everything that may come up. We would use this money to pay for such items.”

The group has proposed bricks in two sizes, 4″x4″ and 8″x8″, that would come in two shades of tan. “It may be best to use both colors to create some interest and variety,” the letter states. “Individuals can purchase a brick with a name on it, in memory or in honor of someone.

“We are open to suggestions but we think the sidewalk at the entrance to our addition would be a great place.”

Approval for the project from the district is still needed and there is some ambiguity regarding how to handle businesses that would purchase a brick.

The group’s objective is to have the bricks sold, made and delivered “in time for them to be laid when the construction crew would be ready in the spring. It only takes a week for the order to come in, but we have to type all of the orders ourselves.”

“We feel this would be a beautiful display for people to see as they enter our addition,” the letter states, “as well as an area for families to look at for years to come!”