Relatively few races for offices in county

When voters in Warren County go to the polls on Tuesday, most of them won’t see a lot of options.

Barring minor positions such as judges and inspectors of elections, auditors and constables only five positions up for grabs on Nov. 5 can boast more than one name on the ballot, and all but one is at the municipal level.

For most positions, there will be either a single candidate on the ballot or the number of openings matches or exceeds the number of candidates.

Statewide, Vic Stabile and Jack McVay will vie for the position of Judge of the Superior Court.

Retention votes for state Supreme Court judges Max Baer and Ron Castille will appear on the ballot.

Superior Court Judges Susan Peikes Grantman and Jack Panella are facing retention votes on the ballot as well.

At the county level, the positions of prothonotary, district attorney and coroner will all appear on the ballot, but with only a single candidate for each office.

The Warren County School District has two Region I seats, a Region II seat and a four-year and a two-year Region III seat in contention.

Region I has two individuals appearing on the ballot, Paul Mangione and Trish Rosenstein, matching the number of openings.

The other three seats in play have only one person appearing Jack Werner for Region II and Thomas Knapp and Marcy Morgan for Region III’s four- and two-year seats, respectively.

Region I includes the City of Warren, and Elk and Glade townships. Region II includes Clarendon and Tidioute boroughs, and Cherry Grove, Conewango, Deerfield, Eldred, Limestone, Mead, Pleasant, Sheffield, Triumph and Watson townships. Region III includes Bear Lake, Sugar Grove and Youngsville boroughs, and Brokenstraw, Farmington, Freehold, Pine Grove, Pittsfield and Sugar Grove townships.

Both the Corry and Titusville Area School District each feature five openings, but only four candidates on the ballot.

In the City of Warren, there is a race between Maurice Cashman and Dan Ristau for mayor.

There are three four-year city council seats in play and three candidates on the ballot James Zavinski, John Lewis and Greg Fraser. Additionally, a two-year city council seat is open and has no candidates appearing on the ballot, although Richard Kolcharno has announced a write-in campaign for that seat.

In Bear Lake Borough, mayor and four four-year borough council seats are open, but no candidates will appear on the ballot.

In Clarendon Borough, mayor and two four-year borough council seats are in play. Only one candidate for a council seat, Paul Pascuzzi, will appear on the ballot. No candidates for mayor will appear.

There is a race for mayor in Sugar Grove Borough between Peter Allenson and Gregory Wilson.

Four four-year council seats are open, but only two candidates will appear on the ballot Kevin Nicklas and Kevin McIntyre. A two-year council seat in the borough has no candidate appearing.

Tidioute Borough mayor will appear on the ballot, but with only one candidate, Pam McLaughlin.

On the borough council side, Tidioute faces the same situation as Sugar Grove Borough. Four four-year council seats are open, but only two candidates, Ella Johnson and Henry Brown, are on the ballot. An open two-year council seat will have no candidate on the ballot.

Youngsville Borough mayor will appear on the ballot; the only candidate appearing will be James Farr.

There is a race for borough council, as four four-year seats are in play, and there are six candidates Eric Mineweaser, John Pallow, Pamela Olewine, Robert Olsen, Collette Nelson and Douglas Peterson.

At the township level, while there are supervisors positions on the ballot, all but four will feature one candidate per position in play.

In all, 18 supervisors openings across the county will have a single name appear on the ballot.

In Columbus Township, David Goodwill and Paul Pirozzola will vie for a single township supervisor position.

In Pleasant Township, John Phillips and Ed Atwood will face each other for a supervisor opening.

Both Glade and Freehold townships have openings for supervisor but no candidates will appear on the ballot.

A number of write-in candidates are also vying for positions in the county.