Habitat house loaded and ready

Apparently, the third time is the charm for Habitat for Humanity’s attempts to move a house constructed at the Warren County Career Center to Buchanan Street.

Barring further complications, the house will be moved Monday, Nov. 4, beginning around 9 a.m. to avoid the morning school traffic.

A crew from Steinman Building Systems, from Lake Lucie, Pa., lifted one half of the house with hydraulic jacks just enough to slide a flatbed trailer under it on Thursday. They placed sets of rollers under the trailer, on aluminum I-beams, which in turn were on wooden cribbing. That allowed the contractors to roll the section of the house away from the center pileasters that acted as part of the temporary foundation used during construction.

After the jacks, cribbing and I-beams were removed, the house was moved, one half at a time to the center of the parking lot.

Since the rear of the house was facing the parking lot, the house was jacked up again, and the trailers were moved to the front of the house so it can be placed properly on its permanent foundation.

Patrick Steinman, owner of the company, said that they lift and place about 120 houses a year, although only around 20 are actually moved to another location. “This is what we do, what we specialize in.”

When they need to move a house, they subcontract the work to 422 Homes, a licensed mover. Steinman added that they have moved a number of Habitat for Humanity Homes in the past.

Lt. Jeff Zavinski of the Warren City Police said there will be some traffic congestion for the move on Monday. The planned route is down Fifth Avenue, left on Conewango Avenue, left onto Pennsylvania Avenue and left again onto Buchanan Street.

Zavinski said that Buchanan Street between Madison to Jackson avenues will be posted ‘no parking’ on Sunday night to alert the residents.

That section of the street will be closed most of the day Monday, Zavinski said, as each of the two sections will take about three hours to move off the trailers.